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About IDS

Who We Are

Where we've been and where we're going

About IDS

We aim to deliver an elite level of performance.

We know that all high performing teams need to have the right attitude, behaviour and technique. We have continually developed the management science of technical helpdesks.

We understand the core elements of how to operate technical support e.g. queue, ticket management etc.

These competencies tend to be the basic requirement from our clients. What sets us apart however is our ability to provide both operational and strategic value to our clients.

About IDS

Our Mission & Vision

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Be a high-integrity partner, providing world-class technology services and solutions into Qatar market and focusing on customer satisfaction.


Help improve our customer’s business through deep understanding of his goals, precision in executing our tasks and partnering with the leaders to provide the latest IT solutions.

About IDS


we are building partnership with the most common vendors such as HP, DELL/EMC, Lenovo, Veritas, Cisco, Zebra, F5, Juniper, Microsoft, VMware … etc. seeking to be a service certified center for each every vendor the near future.

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